Our work requires constant support, constant flossing, rinsing and brushing to maintain a set of choppers with BITE. We rely on your continual fiscal support for the health of our process, and we need your help!


  • Lee Coppola
  • Michele Cox
  • Kit Crissey
  • Peter Jasen
  • Michael Kazinski
  • Brent Trojan
  • Ana Jasen McClendon
  • Carol Nigrelli

SAWTOOTH cares about your teeth (’tis true) and cares deeply about overall health—and we despise the notion that an ailing, poorly funded arts world is not important enough to take care of. SAWTOOTH is a network of enormously talented and dedicated performers, administrators, activists and bodyworkers who create, who believe in sustaining the act of creating—and who are insatiably passionate about creating for you!

We know that many of you are artists, students, activists and radical lovelies who don’t have a lot of extra cash lying around, but even the small donations help!

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