About CJ





SAWTOOTH dancers Review:
"[CJ Jasen] displays a sensibility that’s intriguingly
off-centered and roomy. Discover this artist."
Eva Yaa Asantewaa, InfiniteBody
A.O. Movement Collective Review:
"[CJ Jasen] sings, very well.
...[CJ] turns the song 'Piece of My Heart' into an exhibition piece of passive aggression. She starts it with urgent sincerity and then develops that manipulatively."
The New York Times

CJ is a dancer & singer/vocalizing performance human who has performed in cities across the US, and briefly joined a commercial dance company on tour in Niagara Falls. They studied with such artists as Meredith Monk, Akira Kasai, and Carolee Schneemann before making their own queer performance in NYC. 

In NYC, CJ has worked as a dancer, singer, and collaborator with Oren Barnoy, the A.O. Movement Collective, and can be seen dancing in Schneemann's 2010 Judson Church retrospective archived at the New York Public Library.


SAWTOOTH dancers, CJ's NYC-based dance troupe from 2007-2016, 

received funding and support from Brooklyn Arts Council, The Field's Artward Bound Residency in the Catskills, 92nd Street Y Space Grant,

and the New York Foundation for the Arts. CJ was a 2014 Artist-in-Residence in Réveillon, South Normandy, France. 


CJ is in Philadelphia (Lenapehoking), launching collectively-run monthly queerobics focused on accessibility, steered by chronically ill folks (coming Fall 2022). IG: @queerobics_west_philly